byACRE Carbon Overland Offroad Walker

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Key Features

Lightest Off-Road Walker

Weighs just 14.8 lbs and can be lifted with one arm. The frame is made of carbon fiber which is 5 times stronger than steel and has a lifetime warranty.

Innovative Handles

Adjustable ergonomic handles to help to support poised posture.

Tires for all Terrians

10" inflatable rubber wheels are built to last and allow for stable movement on all terrains.

In the Box

Arrives fully assembled with an organizer bag for your belongings and a travel lock to keep it in a folded position when not in use.

byACRE in the United States

The Perfect Partnership

The beautiful byACRE product range is designed in Europe and delivered straight to your door from Let's Roll Mobility in the United States. Delivery is free.


If nature is calling your name, or you are looking for a walker to use on surfaces other than sidewalks or paved roads, or if you are looking for an extra hardwearing robust option, the Overland fits the bill! The byACRE Carbon Overland provides a lightweight option for users who want freedom of exploration on all terrains. 

All Terrain Tires

byACRE took the best attributes from the Carbon Ultralight and added pneumatic tires and sealed bearings to allow use from the beaches to the snow and everywhere in between. These tires have extra tread and grip while maintaining smoothness and ease of movement.  

Promotes Good Posture

The adjustable ergonomic handles and folding seat placement is designed to allow the user to stand and walk inside the frame, supporting an upright posture and safer stride.

The unique style entices the user to walk with a more poised posture, rather than the "shopping cart" style associated with many other walkers where the user arches and leans into the frame. While other walkers tend pushed in front which makes the user bend over, the byACRE walker frames the user as they move. A person walking without a mobility aid has their arms at their side rather than pushing out in front of them, so the Overland aims to allow the users to keep their hands closer to their side and take pressure off the wrists.

Tough Bearings

The sealed bearings of the Overland simply keep it clean and smooth by keeping all elements of nature (ie sand) from getting into the mechanics of the walker.  You can take it anywhere and rest assured that it will remain frictionless as you glide across all terrains.


With no exposed brake cables, the walker won't catch on branches or anything else as you explore.  Moreover, the brakes of the Overland are extra responsive as they grip the tread of the tires. This means you avoid unexpected maintenance expenses which can cost $100 to repair a brake cable.


The Overland impressively weighs less than 15 pounds, even with its amazingly tough tires. It is the best of both worlds by weighing less than most walkers on the market and allowing for use in so many more areas!

Curb Lifters

There are two discreet curb lifters built into the frame, allowing you to easily navigate raised tree roots, seaweed etc. 


The style and design of the Carbon Overland was influenced and inspired by the Land Rover Defender.  Like the vehicle, this rollator symbolizes independence, strength, and stability in various environments.  Despite its strength, the Overland remains versatile and agile due to its lightweight carbon frame and tough tires. The beautiful color options help you to camouflage yourself in nature while still looking stylish.


ThebyACRE frame warranty can be extended from two years to a lifetime warranty by registering your walker within the first three months of purchase.

What is in the box?

The Overland comes with an accessory bag to hold belongings and can be attached to the walker, or used separately. When the walker is folded and stored, the bag does not need to be removed. It comes with a shoulder strap so can be carried effortlessly when not attached to the walker.

An elastic locking loop is provided to keep the frame safely closed when in the trunk of your car. 

There is no assembly required. It comes fully assembled and ready to roll!


Seat Height Seat Width Handle Height Width Between Handles
24.4" 18.5" 31.5 - 37.4" 15.35"

Handle Height

byACRE Overland Handle Height

Seat Height

byACRE Overland Seat Height

Seat Width

byACRE Overland Seat Width

Walker Dimensions

Walker Dimensions


Weight 14.8lbs
Handle Height Range 31.5" - 37.4"
Grip to Brake 6"
Seat Width 18.5"
Seat Height 24"
Width Between Handles 17"
Maximum User Weight 330lbs 
Wheel Diameter 10"
Width 25.9"
Width Folded 9.8"
Length 28.7"
Pocket Bag Volume 4L
Recommended Tyre Pressure 21-26PSI


Further Reading

Life Time Value

Understandably this is a significant purchase to make. The below graph displays how much the walker works out costing you per day over 1, 5 and 10 years of ownership. We hope this provides an insignt in to the value (and freedom) the walker will provide you over the course of ownership.

$2.16 per day over 1 year
$0.43 per day over 5 years
$0.21 per day over 10 years

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I love my Overland- it has allowed me to go faster, more safely, and it’s a comfortable seat when I need one.

Kim A
Changed My Lifestyle

After experiencing life-altering rheumatic flairs, I was unable to enjoy most outdoor activities . Going to a park with my dog or even sitting outside with friends was a challenge. These walkers are light, easy to get in/out of my car, and can travel easily on all sorts of bumpy terrain without any trouble. I couldn’t be more pleased.

So happy with our purchase

Dad is absolutely loving the walker- he is more mobile with it and the swelling in his ankles is so much better because of this! So happy with our purchase!

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